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Legends of St. Petersburg

Legends of St. Petersburg


Sankt-Petersburg has been praised of one of the most mystical City in Russia. Persons who like legends and... Читать → Legends of St. Petersburg

Weather in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg weather


The weather in SPB doesn’t often grant with sun and warm. Climate moderate and wet, often rain with... Читать → Saint Petersburg weather

Vyborg district

Vyborg district of Saint Petersburg Russia


Vyborg district of Saint Petersburg-one of the oldest districts in Petersburg. It was built in time of Peter... Читать → Vyborg district of Saint Petersburg Russia

films made in russia

Films made in Russia St. Petersburg


What foreign movies were filmed in Russia St. Petersburg? In search of the perfect background site for a... Читать → Films made in Russia St. Petersburg

Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospect St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg is an incredibly beautiful city rich in sights. Unusual atmosphere and picturesque image will... Читать → Nevsky Prospect St. Petersburg

Pavlovsk of St. Petersburg

Pavlovsk – Saint Petersburg


A city within a city. The city of Pavlovsk of St. Petersburg is located in the Pushkin district of St.... Читать → Pavlovsk – Saint Petersburg

Museum of untruth

Museum of untruth – Saint Petersburg


A person searches for light and finds it along with the shadow. Knows the truth and the lie at the same time.... Читать → Museum of untruth – Saint Petersburg

Palace Square

Palace Square Saint Petersburg


Palace Square is located in the historical center of the northern capital – Saint Petersburg. It owes... Читать → Palace Square Saint Petersburg

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