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Vyborg district of Saint Petersburg-one of the oldest districts in Petersburg. It was built in time of Peter the Great. At that time here built hospitals, homes, for middle class. Then district developed slowly: here built dormitories for soldiers, different factories, prisons. Now it one of the most perspective districts in Saint Petersburg on infrastructure development. Vyborg district is one of the hugest districts on territory, there live a lot of people and it is the »greenest» from all. Here be found six station underground, churches, temples, a lot of forest zones, medical and educational establishments, housing complexes. On territory Petersburg’s Vyborg district many parks, squares, on same time here a lot of industrial undertakings, because of this economic situation here difficult.

Parks- Vyborg district of Saint Petersburg.

  • Urban park «Sosnovka» was built in 1960 year, and present the largest on district. There are memorials, paths, mass burials, and the lake there. This place perfect for a leisurely walks on sunny summer day.
  • Shyvalovsky park of Vyborg district in Saint Petersburg is historical and it’s located on territory former estate graph- Shyvalov’s and in honor for them it received its name. Almost all territory is guarded object of culture heritage. On territory this park located: Dacha of I.I.Vorontsov-Dashkov built in neoclassicism style by talented Petersburg’s architect- S.S.Kurchinsky. Small palace, created in the 1850s by architect Gerald Bosse it’s mansion in the spirit of a Renaissance Palazzo. House of Mesmaher (name it’s architect) or yellow dacha built from wood and present a strange mixture of swiss chalet and russian house. There are 12 pounds ruins of tuff arch and cold bathhouse in Shyvalovsky’s park.

Architecture of Vyborg district in Saint Petersburg.

  • Manor- «aspen grove» (also Levashov Vyazemsky manor)- object of UNESCO world heritage. It was built in 1828-1830 year, in russian classicism style.
  • Mansion of Kotlov present unusually house, merchant- Dmitri Alekseevich, elevated in beginning 20th century. Created in popular at that time style- modern, but however it has personal touches of medical castle.
  • The buildings of Shuvalova, Pagolova and Levashova were designed by finish architect- Bruno Granholm. They are objects of culture heritage in Russia.

Churches and cathedral of Vyborg district in Saint Petersburg.

Church of Peter and Pavl in village «Pargolov» was built in style-neogothic, on request of countess- Varvara Shyvalova. Her husband- swiss, died early its really shocked woman. Architecture this church very unusual for orthodox churches.

Ssmpson cathedral- is blue building from the first half 18 century. It was built by Italian architect- Trezzinj Pietro Antonio in barokko style.

Catholic temple of the visitation Virgin Mary Elizabeth created in neo-gothic style, in 19 centure. This object of culture heritage people RF.

Curious fact: exactly here occurr actions novel of Goncharov: «Oblomov». Here happens duel between Lermontov and Ernest de Barant. Fortunately, all do without tragical consequences.

10 Important attractions of Vyborg district.

  • Sampson cathedral.
  • Manor «aspen grove»
  • Memorial for Peter the Great.
  • Park in Vyborg district in Petersburg.
  • Levashov’s wasteland.
  • Shyvalov’s park.
  • «Dacha of Shalyapin»- now is private property.
  • Memorials for defenders Leningrad sky.
  • Levashov-Vyazemski manor.
  • Museum of marine underwater weapons.

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