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Sankt-Petersburg has been praised of one of the most mystical City in Russia. Persons who like legends and stories about ghosts come here from all around the world to see by their own eyes the credibility of rumors. We collected the most fascinating and shocking myths about Petersburg, that you will surely like.

The house on the Street Gorokhovaya

Not even the building deserves the attention, but his rotunda. Former mansion do not stand out by his appearance – it is just a typical building for Sankt-Petersburg. However, this house became very famous among rebels of 70’s-80’s of last century. Here used to meet hipsters of Soviet Union – hippies, rockers, and other punk-cultured people. Their activity was not allowed by the government, so they had to make meetings clandestine. According to memories of residents of the house, even Victor Tsoi had been playing concerts here, he liked the rotunda because of very good acoustic.
Дом на Гороховой улице
The house on the Street Gorokhovaya
The house on the Street Gorokhovaya has its own mystical stories and legends. On the walls of the rotunda people write their wishes, which always come true. And residents of the house tell the story about a guy, who fell into a some sort of a time portal. Although, in our time have passed only 15 minutes, he has returned very old. Also Eyewitnesses says, that there is an unnatural thing wanders the halls at midnight.

The Mikhaylovsly castle

The Mikhaylovsly castle
The castle not only has historical value, but also can boast about its 5 different legends. First of them is ghost of Pavel I, he was killed in his own chamber after 40 days of ending of build-up. You can see him at night in one of the long halls in the castle. Ghosts is wearing a long mantle and holding a light candle. Walls in the castle have yellow tint, people say, that gloves of Ann Lopukhova, lover of imperator, had exactly the same color. So that’s the reason why Pavel I ordered to paint walls in such unusual and unexpected color.

Blissful Ksenia Holy Ksenia

Святая Блаженная Ксения
Святая Ксения
The most mysterious legend of construction is connected to holy Ksenia Peterbugskaya. Imperator came to her, hoping to find out how many years he has to live. Seer predicted, that he will live as many years as there are letters on the facades of the gates. There was written «Дому твоему подобаетъ святыня господня въ долготу дней». It’s 46 letters, and really, he passed away on his 47 year of life. After that Ksenia fell out of favor at the royal court. Chapel of blissful holy Ksenia is the place for pilgrimage of those asking……
Of course, that’s not all legends, that we wanted to tell. But let the title be a very good beginning for tourists and residents of the City, who want to figure out more about the beautiful northern capital of Russia.

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